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I enjoy writing them, I hope folks enjoy reading the results.

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Western Books & Cover Art

It’s not such a big step from pictures to writing, and that’s how it started out for me. I’ve illustrated more Western book covers than I care to mention and I’ve been doing it for a long time. No hardship, I hasten to add, I love the genre and have since a kid, although originally I made my name painting the cover art for other people, now at least, I manage to create covers for my own books.

Writing Thrillers & Western Novels

A long-term closet writer, only comparatively recently, with a family grown and the availability of self-publishing have I managed to be able to write and get my stories out there. As I did when illustrating, research counts a lot and has inspired many of my Westerns and Thrillers to have a basis in historical fact or at least weave their tale around the seeds of factual content.

Cowboy & Western Movie Style Writing

Having such a visual background, mostly it’s a matter of describing the pictures I see in my head and translating them to the written page. I guess that’s why one of my early four-star reviewers described the book like a ‘Western movie, fast paced and full of action.’