Tony Masero Illustrator & Author

Tony Masero is an internationally recognised illustrator and author, some of his work from the 70’s and 80’s through to the present day is available to view on these pages. Hand-painted artwork from before the days of graphic software and computer aided design…

Tony was born in London in the UK and after art school, training as a graphic designer he moved over to full-time illustration when he initially received commissions from major publishing houses and agencies. This was at the time when illustration was still hand painted, before the advent of computerised technology and software aided design.

Tony’s illustrations for this period covered a wide field of styles and subject matter, ranging from the popular to the macabre, intriguing and lesser known. From the Sci-Fi fantasies of Dr. Who, the adventures of Indiana Jones, horrifying paperback imagery, to the westerns of ‘Edge the Loner’ and beyond, there is bound to be something here to satisfy every taste.

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